Rachel Maguire
Rachel Maguire
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  • The presidential debate commission announced Monday a plan to prevent Thursday's final faceoff.
  • Even as the average of national polls puts Democrat Biden ahead by nearly nine points.

On Thursday, October 22, President Trump and Joe Biden will square off for their second and final debate, with only 12 days left to go until the election.

The last debate was a debacle. Biden's lead widened from 6 points nationally to more than 10. The debate gives Trump an opportunity to talk to the rest of the country. It is hard to imagine anyone excited about downing a brew with Joe Biden. Trump, at his best, is entertaining and smart. Third, the President should reduce his attacks on Joe Biden. The campaign and the candidate endlessly remind the public of Biden's personal tragedies, making him a sympathetic figure. It is better for Trump to talk up his achievements and plans than Biden. The moderator of the debate, NBC's White House correspondent Kristen Welker, has deep ties to Democrats. In 2016 Welker told Hillary Clinton's communications director what question she expected to ask the former Secretary of State in an interview planned for after one of the Democrat primary debates. Winning the last debate will be challenging. But President Trump has survived a hostile press for years and has a great record to run on.

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