Rachel Maguire
Rachel Maguire
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  • The New York Post, not for the first time, has recently issued a controversial post critical of Joe Biden.
  • Four years after the conspiracist movement first started, users on Reddit and 4Chan commented that they hacked emails from the Democratic Party.

The New York Post, not for the first time, has recently issued a controversial post critical of Joe Biden. It's a long way from May this year when a controversial post from President Donald Trump, warning Black Lives Matter protesters, was restricted by Twitter.

Facebook, a spokesman for the company revealed, had immediately begun to “reduce its distribution on our platform,” altering how its recommendation algorithm would typically react to such a viral story. Both of these moves came after another reversal: banning the conspiracist movement from all Facebook platforms, two months after attempting to ban only violent strains of the community, and four years after the movement first started with users on Reddit and 4Chan commenting that they hacked emails from the Democratic Party sounded about whether it replaced the word “pizza” with “child.”

It banned new political adverts from being posted in the last week of the campaign. Moreover, it banned premature declarations of victory and then martial language in political adverts. In conclusion, it banned all political ads full stop, effective the day of the election.

A Facebook spokesman said:

Significant events in the world have led us to change some of our policies, but not our principles. A historic election is raising concerns about voter suppression and post-election uncertainty. The global pandemic has created new concerns about the damage caused by medical misinformation. And longstanding racial inequality has helped heighten the unrest. We remain committed to freedom of expression, while recognizing the current environment requires a clearer guardrail to minimize damage.

The New York Post blasted the social media companies and said they were trying to help Biden's campaign.

In short, the post stated no one had disputed the story's veracity. Trump tweeted that it was “terrible” that social media companies “shot down” the article, which was restricted, not removed, and renewed his calls to “repeal section 230”, a measure that prevents website hosts from being held responsible for published content.

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